Every aircraft operator must have a robust and thorough maintenance control system in order to maintain a safe and compliant operation. Relative to the size of the company, maintenance control systems can be complex and cover many areas, such as: Maintenance Planning, Maintenance control, Approved Maintenance Schedules, Maintenance tracking systems, Airworthiness Directive Control, Defect and Reliability Management, Technical Dispatch and Maintenance Arrangements.

Not only are these maintenance control functions a mandatory Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) requirement for many aviation enterprises, they are the keys to controlling your operation. An operation that is in control is cost effective, but most importantly: It is safe!

InspectAir has been providing aviation maintenance control system consulting for Air Operator Certificate holders (AOC), Flight Training Units (FTU’s), and Private Operators and for many years. Our experience, knowledge and training ensure your maintenance control system is effective, thorough and efficient, assuring your organization is leading the way in regulatory compliance and safety.

Aviation Maintenance Control Consulting

Maintenance control falls under 2 categories. The maintenance control responsibility of the Air Operator (such as the aircraft owner) and that of the Approved Maintenance Organization (the AMO).

The Air Operator is responsible to ensure that no aircraft conducts a take-off unless the aircraft conforms to its Type Design, and is maintained in accordance with the applicable standards of airworthiness, therefore meeting the conditions of its Certificate of Airworthiness.

The Approved Maintenance Organization is responsible to ensure that any maintenance requirements specified by the Air Operator have been addressed by the AMO, in accordance with the methods stipulated in its Maintenance Policy Manual (MPM).
Although the requirements and methods for Maintenance Control differ greatly between the Air Operator and the AMO, they both require a system to manage their responsibility’s as well as policy in their respective Maintenance Control Manual (MCM utilized by an Air Operator) or Maintenance Policy Manual (MPM utilized by an Approved Maintenance Organization) that Transport Canada determines to be acceptable.

InspectAir has extensive experience and training developing Maintenance Control Systems for Air Operators and Approved Maintenance Organization, as well as developing the specific policy required in the respective MCM or MPM.

Develop your Transport Canada aviation “Maintenance Schedule Approval” (MSA) for the aircraft in your fleet. We can also review your exiting MSA’s for compliance and accuracy to the regulatory and OEM requirements.

Develop your initial maintenance tracking program.

Review your existing maintenance tracking program for accuracy, ensuring it contains ALL the regulatory and OEM requirements.

Provide defect control and technical dispatch solutions.

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