Quality Assurance programs identify, measure and control your key business processes in order to meet your customer’s expectations.

Not only is a Quality Assurance program a mandatory regulatory requirement for many aviation organizations, it is also a powerful tool that can continuously improve your organization by measuring your performance and enhancing your processes and procedures to ensure your business consistently delivers the best possible product to your customer.

In the case of aviation organizations, your customers can be either internal (such as inter related departments) or external (such as your clients or Transport Canada).

In regards to your internal customers, a Quality Assurance program will develop clear processes that flow across the entire organization. Thorough and regular audits are performed to measure the effectiveness of those processes which are then refined to continuously improve your service or product.

In regards to your external customers, a Quality Assurance program will not only ensure your organizations is continually compliant with the latest Transport Canada requirements, most importantly it will ensure you deliver a consistent, safe product for your customers!

InspectAir has decades of experience providing aviation enterprises with Quality Assurance programs that are robust, compliant and easy to manage.

Aviation Quality Management Consulting

Develop your initial Quality Assurance Program from the policy required in your approved manuals up to and including your audit checksheets.

Review your existing Quality Assurance Program for regulatory compliance to ensure you are ready for your upcoming Transport Canada Program Validation Inspection (PVI) or Assessment.

Manage your existing Quality Assurance Program, giving your staff more time to perform other duties.

Perform your internal or external audits. Our highly trained aviation auditors will perform the detailed impartial audits you need to measure the performance of your organization.

Assist in the development of your Corrective Action Plans (CAP’s).

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